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Your website might have great design and aesthetics, however, the head-turner is the written content on your website. The purpose of content writing is not limited to driving organic traffic to your page and search engine ranking, it is also about making your content engaging and inspiring for visitors to your page. Even one share of your article by a reader can make a big difference. 

At The Digital Tantra, we believe that words have a magical influence on people and that is why our content connects, engages and inspires with a human touch. Content writing should be done by a professional, however, we have compiled 7 content writing hacks to inspire your audience and write like a pro. 

  • The Bold Head-Turner: The first thing that catches everyone’s mind is the headline, and if you can hold the attention of your reader for a moment, spark an interest in them and make them emotionally connect to your headline, chances are that the reader would have a look at the rest of the article. So your headline should not just be good, it should be a Head-Turner that offers benefit to the reader for spending their time, reading your article. Our team can help you to create an amazing headline that connects and drive real traffic to your site. 
  • Use a Hook: Now that you have grabbed their attention, it’s important to make them hooked on to the article and you got 3 seconds for this and that’s where the first sentence of your article comes into play, the first sentence should lead readers to continue to go deeper into your article and seamlessly move the focus to the very first point of your content. 
  • Put on the round-rimmed spectacles: This is the most vital part of your content. Without research, any article can fall flat on content and engagement. Your knowledge on the subject at hand makes a big difference, as it adds the reliability factor and sparks interest in your perspective on the subject. 
  • One-shot, one bird: We have been taught to shoot two birds with one shot, however when it comes to content, that’s the biggest mistake that you can do. Focusing on a key message or a single purpose is essential for the success of any content. So aim for just one bird, keep it focused and concise. 
  • Give the signature touch: The content you write is the content that your readers see and what your readers see creates their impression about your business. So it is important to have your signature touch to the content structuring, style and tone of voice and this style should match your target readers expectations. 
  • Optimization: Optimization is the process of making your content appealing to search engines. The prerequisite of optimization is to have content presented as short concise sentences and bullet points, followed by using search engine friendly keywords that connect to the target audience.  
  • The extra pair of eyes: Editing is a key component to good content, trim the unwanted pieces of content that are not cohesive with the overall message. Read, re-read and relook the content and make necessary tweaks to ensure clarity, brevity and simplicity. 

If you implement the above points in your next article, you can see the difference for yourself, and if you need a pair of helping hands, The Digital Tantra content writing services team is just a phone call away. 

We have experienced content writers catering to both B2B and B2C segments through well written engaging content to make your online business stand out. Our content writing services are also affordable and time-bound.



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