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Inspired by pandemic blues, digital savviness and changing perspectives on work, life and safety – These 5 Hybrid work models are gaining quick popularity with global leaders. 

  • Office-centric hybrid – A wait and watch model for companies who prefer to test the waters. In this model, employees will be working from their offices most of the time, but they will be given a choice of working from another location, one or two days a week. The core strength of this model is that it provides better cohesion between employees and is ideal for companies that promote growth through collective thinking. 
  • Fully flexible hybrid – A progressive thinking model that empowers employees to choose between the best of both worlds. The resilience of this model is yet to be seen as the success of this model depends on how effectively the business is able to ensure Sustainability, Productivity and Inclusivity. 
  • Remote friendly hybrid – In this model, a certain percentage of employees will be working remotely full time, while the majority of the employees have to come to the office. This model is also plagued by various disparities with executive face time, perks, promotions and access to information.  
  • Hybrid remote office – This is a more employee-centric model that allows flexibility for employees to choose from a remote option, flexible work or an in-office option. This model allows a certain level of predictability than a fully flexible model.
  • Virtual first – In this model, 95 – 98% of employees would be working from a remote location. This is a cost-effective model for new businesses or start-ups, however, one of the downsides of the model is the challenge to build a strong sense of belonging to the business or brand.  


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