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Over the past few years, LinkedIn has transitioned from an online resume and professional networking platform to a quintessential personal branding tool. Today creating and maintaining an All-Star LinkedIn profile is pivotal for any professional or a business with an eye for progressive career growth. 

If you are a businessman, a job seeker or an aspiring thought leader in Singapore, you must update your profile and begin LinkedIn personal branding in Singapore right now! 

  • Quintessential network for Job seekers in Singapore – LinkedIn is the largest professional network, with 753 million members spread across 200 countries. And it is estimated that approximately 3 people are hired through LinkedIn every minute, with 15 Million plus jobs listed on LinkedIn. Today when you apply for a corporate job in Singapore, it is assumed that you already have a LinkedIn profile. It is also easy for recruiters to find the ideal fit for a job through scrutiny of the LinkedIn profile, connections, recommendations, professional associations and skill endorsements. 
  • A business haven for SME’s, startups and Entrepreneurs – It is estimated that 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn drive business decisions. There are around 65 million decision-makers on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn, it is easy to identify and get in touch with your segment of decision-makers and it is also possible that while you are reading this article on LinkedIn, there may be potential buyers looking out to buy your product or service on LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides various tools like sales navigator and in-mail credits that provides an opportunity to send direct mails to business associates or potential clients. 
  • Personal branding network for aspiring thought leaders and influencers – You may have sound knowledge or expertise on a particular topic or business sector, which you are longing to share with peers and other influencers and also have the potential to make you a thought leader. LinkedIn provides you with an opportunity to gratify this underlying need of becoming a personal brand or an influencer by providing an ideal platform for knowledge exchange, opinion sharing and feedback.

Today, LinkedIn personal branding is one of the most effective tools used by thought leaders and entrepreneurs to build their peer and influencer networks. The Digital Tantra specializes in LinkedIn personal branding and LinkedIn profile management in Singapore for businesses and professionals worldwide.



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