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Healthcare Digital Marketing

India is substantially growing as an international healthcare hub, with more and more patients visiting hospitals in India from abroad. The process has increased the catchment area for hospitals significantly

Better relations with foreign countries are also impacting this inflow positively. Hospitals have now transcended into more non-traditional marketing methods like SEO and content visibility to reach out to the global customer base.

Staying competent in the sector is no longer limited to digital presence and reach, it has transcended beyond. Organizations and brands are now focusing on connecting with associations and experiences of customers, through targeted digital marketing strategies that enable sustainable growth. Content and SEO has emerged as clear strategy for companies in this sector. 

The strategies followed by such Growth oriented companies could be summarized into 3 main categories and the first category is primarily based on SEO.

  • Internet users across the world are showing a search pattern that includes specialization and the location near to them. This point towards the importance of writing content and creating marketing campaigns that emphasizes on services and location. Many of the SEO practices like listing, backlink creations, writing related content with focused SEO keywords are becoming more and more important. That is why companies are giving prime importance to SEO driven strategies.
  • Expert opinion has always been a source that is considered trustworthy and even in today’s digital domain, the trust remains intact. That is why some of the well-known healthcare brands do not directly talk about their services, instead, their experts talk about health conditions affecting people and possible solutions or tips to manage the situation.
  • Time is transcending in favor of brands that project their care for customers. Many of these brands do not explicitly inundate social media with campaigns and information about their staff, experience etc., instead, the updates and campaigns are implicitly packaged within useful articles and informative literature, this strategy targets their subconscious mind and creates better-associated recalls.


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