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These rapidly changing times call for a renewed and effective digital marketing strategy across all markets. The trends this year have already showcased a dramatic shift in technologies and consumerist behaviors in the market all across the world.

Below is a list of six trends that will rule the marketing world in 2020 and should be top priority for companies providing digital marketing services in USA.

  1. AI– AI has been the most debated and researched topics of the past years, and now it has finally become the investment every company makes to thrive in the competitive market. In the coming months, machine learning and AI will continue to gain prominence.
  2. Multiple platforms– marketers in the upcoming month will test several platforms to research which platform works the best for them. With social media platforms and their reach increasing at a rapid pace, marketers are bound to indulge in the latest PPC networks in order to enlarge their customer reach.
  3. Target customers– looking back at 2019, we see a very different approach to reaching the target audience. This is the year of strategic and specific audience targeting. Marketers will aim towards consistent customer growth rather than a rapid one time sale opportunity. The focus will revolve around how advertisement affects a consumer’s needs and preferences. In short, the target will shift from sales to the consumer.
  4. Chatbots– Chatbots can save a company huge sums of money by preventing them from employing a person for communicating with website visitors and managing the website. Apart from enabling every visitor to make faster decisions, chatbots are natural- sounding. There are many existing softwares which a company can choose from, in case it has not yet invested in chatbots.
  5. Marketing game– 2020 is the year to raise your content marketing game and strategies. In the world of digital marketing, what counts the most is which company brings innovation and a wave of fresh ideas to the table. High quality and relatable content is the way to a consumer’s heart, and this is what closes the deal. Focusing on user experience which is holistic and personalized will help your company step ahead of its competition.
  6. Outsourcing– Offshore digital marketing teams have become an integral part of many businesses across the globe. The cost reduction, the facilitation to maintain optimal digital marketing talent, seamless connectivity & management through cloud offices have elevated the demand for cloud based knowledge process outsourcing for the digital marketing function.

Conclusion– 2020 is also the year we will see the integration of PPC and SEO. When the marketing landscape is experiencing unforeseen changes, digital marketers must prepare themselves for an amalgamation of PPC and SEO.   So, this year we will see some groundbreaking strategies as well as renewing and refashioning of some old strategies to suit the needs of today’s fast-changing market.

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