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Outsource and save up to 75% on your digital marketing spend

It's estimated that businesses that outsource digital marketing services save up to 75% compared to those that hire in-house specialists. Only a few manage to maximize their budget without compromising on quality. By choosing to outsource, you're not only ensuring cost savings, but also getting, all-in-one access to the largest pool of Digital Marketing experts in various areas like SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Digital Content Production (Text, Audio, Video and Graphics), and Web Designing & Development.


  • Save 75% over in-house hiring
  • All-in-one access to specialized digital marketing experts
  • Adjust services without hiring hassles
  • Steady online presence with updates
  • Latest tailored marketing techniques
  • Access to premium tools
  • Flexible subscription; no long-term ties
  • Understand ROI with regular reports
  • Stay ahead with cutting-edge strategies
  • Fresh marketing ideas from experts
  • Dedicated digital marketing manager
  • Round-the-clock service available

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At Digital Tantra, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored, turn-key digital marketing solutions that cater specifically to your brand’s unique needs. With a dedicated global team of seasoned professionals, we harness the power of digital strategies to significantly amplify your brand’s online visibility. Our holistic approach ensures that your message resonates, tripling the likelihood of engaging and captivating your desired audience.

  • Strategically optimized with industry-specific keywords for better visibility.
  • Specialized team for crafting tailored digital marketing strategies and maximizing ROI.
  • Quality assurance by subject matter experts for content relevance and coherence.
  • Professional graphic designers to enhance your brand’s visual appeal.



in-depth evaluation of your existing digital footprint, meticulously analyzing every aspect of your website, social media channels, and ongoing ad campaigns. We delve into the intricate details, identifying strengths and areas for enhancement to lay a solid foundation for a robust digital marketing strategy.


Comprehensive digital marketing strategy, infused with creativity and precision. Every step, from content creation to execution, is customized to align with your brand KPIs and audience preferences. The content calendar ensures consistency and relevance, paving the way for enhanced brand visibility and engagement.


We are committed to fostering a vibrant and engaged online community for your brand. By actively monitoring social media interactions, we nurture leads and facilitate meaningful conversations, transforming casual observers into loyal brand advocates.


Your website is optimized with precision, employing a selection of meticulously chosen keywords to elevate organic search visibility and attract targeted traffic. We delve into a comprehensive SEO approach, ensuring that each webpage is a beacon, drawing in a targeted audience and enhancing visibility.


Our team crafts a series of captivating posts, each tailored to echo the essence of your brand and resonate with the audience across diverse social media platforms. Every post is a blend of creativity and strategy, designed to engage, inform, and inspire.


We engineer a dynamic email campaign, targeting a curated list of prospective leads with precision and creativity. Every email is a blend of information and engagement, designed to captivate attention, drive interaction, and nurture leads through the conversion funnel.


We create a series of SEO-driven blog articles, each echoing the voice of your brand and addressing the interests of your audience. Every article is a journey of information and engagement, equipped with compelling CTAs to drive traffic, engagement, and conversions.


Strategical Google Ad Campaigns, infusing expertise and innovation to maximize reach and ROI. Every campaign is a blend of creativity and analytics, ensuring that each ad not only reaches but resonates with the intended audience, driving engagement and generating leads.


Receive detailed monthly performance reports, offering insights into the intricate dynamics of SEO, ad campaigns, social media engagement, and email outreach. Every report is a tool, offering insights and data to inform decisions, optimize strategies, and drive performance.


We foster a dynamic communication channel, ensuring that your insights, feedback, and objectives are integral to our strategies. Every step is a collaboration, ensuring that our expertise and your vision converge to create a digital marketing narrative that resonates and achieves.


We are committed to continuous improvement, employing real-time data and analytics to refine and enhance strategies. Every tactic is dynamic, evolving with trends, performance metrics, and audience preferences to ensure optimal results and sustainable growth.


Dedicated digital marketing manager providing expertise and support through call, email, WhatsApp, or your preferred platform. Committed to your success, we offer continuous assistance, ensuring a seamless digital marketing experience.


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How flexible is the package? Can I customize it if I need more or fewer services than what's listed?

Our packages are designed to be comprehensive, but we understand every business has unique needs. We can certainly customize the package to better fit your requirements.

Have you worked with businesses in my specific industry? How did those campaigns perform?

We’ve worked with a diverse range of industries. While each campaign is unique, our experience across sectors allows us to apply best practices tailored to your industry.

How do you determine which keywords to optimize for? What if they aren't the most relevant for my business?

Our team conducts thorough keyword research using industry-leading tools. We prioritize keywords based on relevance, search volume, and competition. We’ll also collaborate with you to ensure we’re targeting terms that resonate with your business goals.

Is the $100 credit for Google Ad Campaigns sufficient for my business size and industry? How did you determine this amount?

The $100 credit is a starting point. Depending on your industry and goals, we can recommend an appropriate budget that will maximize your ROI.

Can I review and approve the content before it's posted? How do you ensure it aligns with my brand voice?

Absolutely, we believe in a collaborative approach. All content will be shared with you for approval before posting, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand voice.

How often will we have strategy meetings? Will I always communicate with the same digital marketing manager?

You can decide on the schedule for strategy meetings, with the digital marketing manager assigned to you. The resource will be available to work as per your convenient time.

How long is the contract for this package? What if I want to terminate or change the package before the contract ends?

This is a monthly package, and payment is to be made upfront before starting the on-boarding of the Digital Marketing Manager.

Are there any hidden fees or costs not mentioned in the package details?

We pride ourselves on transparency. All potential costs are discussed upfront, with no hidden fees.

Does this package include a competitor analysis? How do you ensure my digital strategy stands out from my competitors?

Yes, our package includes a competitor analysis. We believe in understanding the competitive landscape to craft strategies that make our clients stand out.